Modern JavaScript For BeginnersDhis Projects real life ah kuwaasi oo aad ku noqon karto professional javascript developerLast Update : 8/6/2023

Mc Hamouda

This Course Includes
14 Hours and 6 Minutes Of HD videos
Access to exclusive Dugsiiye community
Certificate of Completion


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$12.00 For Life Time Access

Course Deatils

What You Will Learn

Become an advanced confident, and modern JavaScript developer from scratch

JavaScript fundamentals: variables if/else, operators, boolean logic, functions, arrays, objects, loops, strings, etc.

Asynchronous JavaScript: Event loop promises, async/await, AJAX calls and APIs

Build 6 Strong Projects

Become Confident With Javascript

Modern ES6+ from the beginning: arrow functions destructuring, spread operator, optional chaining (ES2020), etc.